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I am a consultant, researcher and journalist specialising in food policy. As an associate of the RUAF Global Partnership, I work with a number of cities, NGOs and universities around the world on policies and programmes for sustainable, resilient urban and city region food systems.

I hold a PhD in Food Policy from City, University of London. I am now based in Somerset, UK.



OCTOBER 2020 - In cooperation with Hivos, I conducted a retrospective study on the extent to which the Sustainable Diets for All programme’s Food Change Labs in Zambia and Uganda used systems thinking to successfully kick-start transformation of local food systems.

JULY 2020 - I co-edited Urban Agriculture magazine (issue 37) on gender in urban food systems, with colleagues from the RUAF Global Partnership and the CGIAR Water, Land and Ecosystems research programme. In this issue, we identify the ways in which gender and inclusivity have been neglected in urban food policy, practice and research and issued a a call for transformative actions.


OCTOBER 2020 - The 'Menu of actions to shape urban food environments for improved nutrition' contains over 70 case studies of actions implemented by cities around the world to improve access, affordability and desirability of nutritious food, and to improve governance around healthy diets. I authored this publication on behalf of the RUAF Global Partnership, together with the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) and the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact (MUFPP).

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